Iberia R-V School District's application to continue the USDA Seamless Summer Option was approved today. The Seamless Summer Option provides free meals (breakfast and lunch) to all students in the district. The district already provides free breakfast to all students. Using Seamless Summer, we'll be able to provide free lunch as well. This is a temporary program, dependent on government funding. At this point, the program will last anywhere from a few weeks to the end of the calendar year.

Only the regular meals are covered under the Seamless Summer Option. Ala Carte items and additional trays will still need to be purchased as normal. Even though the meals will be free, please submit an application for free/reduced meals if you have not done so already. If a student currently has a negative meal balance, this would be a good time to catch up on that balance. Any money currently in lunch accounts will remain there, to be used once the Seamless Summer Option ends or to pay for ala carte items. When the USDA's Seamless Summer extension ends, we will return to our regularly priced meals.