Iberia High School

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Open House: PreK-12th grade students are invited to an open house/outdoor meet and greet on  Tuesday, August 18, from 4:00-7:00 pm. All 7th-12th grade students can pick up schedules and paperwork outside the main entrance of the high school. In an effort to minimize traffic in the building ONLY 7th grade students and those new to the district and their parents are invited into the building to find their classes. 11th and 12th grade students will select lockers at the same table they pick up their schedules. All academic departments will be available to talk with students outside, with 7th grade teachers available in their classrooms during this time. 8th-12th grade students are asked to bring their supplies on the first day of school. Mrs. Blankenship will also be available outside to answer any questions. Elementary will provide details for PreK-6th grade students.

Yearbooks: 2019-2020 yearbooks will be available to purchase at Open House and also in the high school office. The cost is $30.

I.H.S.~ brief explanation of COVID-19 plans…

  • Mask wearing is encouraged but not mandatory at this time.

  • Buses will unload as they arrive at staggered times.

  • Students will get their breakfast from the carts in the halls, organize for the day and move on to their first hour classes. Congregating in the halls will not be permitted.

  • First hour teachers will do a temperature check on each student daily.

  • Classrooms will be arranged in such a way as to maximize social distancing when possible.

  • Students in grades 7-8 and 9-10 will eat in the cafeteria with one empty seat between all students. Students in grades 11-12 will go to the cafeteria, collect their lunch and eat in designated classrooms.

I.H.S. Parking Information~On a first come first served basis SENIORS can park in the back three rows of the FEMA parking lot and also the spots along the tennis courts. SOPHOMORES and JUNIORS and any late arrivers will park across the street in the gravel parking lot. Those who wish to drive to the softball and baseball fields immediately after dismissal will need to park in the gravel parking lot across the street, also. 

Waynesville Career Center Expectations  


  1. All students attending WCC will ride the bus to vo-tech each day. All students will be given an assigned seat. Masks are encouraged on the bus. 

  1. All students attending WCC must bring a mask everyday as Waynesville School District requires masks to be worn during all passing times, restroom breaks and during nearly all learning activities.