Dear Families, 

Technology Updates for 2020-21 School Year

This school year every student enrolled in Iberia R-V will receive a device to carry to and from home throughout the year. To receive a device, Insurance will need to be purchased for all students. We provide our own insurance program. This program covers incidental damage such as screen breaks, keyboard damage, power charger damage, etc.  You can enroll your child's device in this program by paying a small fee and signing the “2020-21 1:1 Handbook Agreement”.   The following link is to the handbook.  The last two pages can be printed, signed and returned during open house or the first few days of school.

Fee cost:

Students K-1st cost is $10 per student

Students 2nd - 12th $20 per student 

Or Families with 2 or more students, the maximum cost is $40 for the whole family.

Accommodations may be made if requested. Please speak with the High School or Elementary office. 

Once signed and returned the student will receive their assigned device for the year.